• Mark Gamon

Coronavirus: A Supply Chain Solution?

I have some smart friends. Lori Stahl is one. This is her suggestion for controlling supermarket supply so we don't have to see any more obscene panic buying. Please share this if you think it makes sense. And send it to your MP.

1. No in-store shopping. 2. Online and phone orders only. 3. In-store staff get tested for the virus, and once shown as healthy, they can work together without fear/risk. 4. Staff still wear gloves/masks, and get tested repeatedly. 5. Customers place orders (limited quantities per order) and staff collect/package orders. 6. Customers are allocated spaced out pick-up times. (via car, walk-up, etc - all done outside of the stores).

7. Deliveries also extended to 24 hours with more staff . . . will need more vehicles. 8. Run this 24 hours a day and have staff on rolling shifts. 9. Call-in and online payments only. 10. For elderly or any others without online access or credit cards, etc . . . set-up a specific office to handle their needs via phone AND communicate with them through trusted sources so they know it’s NOT a scam.