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There's no such thing as perfect silence

You can always hear your heart

In the morning when the factory fills with noise

That's when the heart-beating starts


And so we sit and study for our future

Not knowing what our futures are

Peter and Margot and Annalies

Like herring in a jar


But at night there are only the noises

That no-one wants to hear

And Annaliese scribbling

In the corner by the stair


I am 16 and nobody knows me

My name it is Peter van Pels

And the thing I can't escape is my parents' face

And I wish I was somebody else


I fancied that I sailed to Batavia

Made a fortune from the rubber tree bark

I dreamed I walked again in the Vondelpark

Ran out along the Prinsengracht


We gaze up through the attic skylight

At the spire of the Westerkirk

Listen to the sound of the peddler's carts

And the bargemen going to work


One day I will reach up and touch the sky

Just push through all that air

One morning I will take Annalies's hand

Lead all of us away from here 


© MarkGSongs 2015

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