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Whatever you want to say - to clients, employees or the public - I can help  get your message across. 


I've been a scriptwriter since the 1980s. Before that I was a photographer and audio-visual designer. That helps a lot when you’re writing for the visual media. I’ve written for exhibitions, visitor experiences, conferences, audio-visual and video programmes, new media, and print. And I’m happy working with professionals from many different disciplines - including theatre designers, composers, directors, photographers, and programmers.


Scroll down for some of my favourite pieces of writing.  There’s a detailed CV and client list over on my LINKED IN page.

Our Life’s Work


A fabulous project. Our Life’s Work was a 3D projection, produced by TBA and Projection Artworks, that celebrated The Nolet Distillery’s 325th anniversary by projecting the company’s story onto its windmill in Schiedam, the Netherlands. I got to write it; I got to meet a wonderful client team from Nolet’s; and I got to taste the best vodka I’ve ever tasted. There's a YouTube clip HERE.

Qasr Al Hosn


The ancient fort of Qasr Al Hosn is the symbolic and cultural heart of Abu Dhabi. In 2018, People Creative were asked to bring the history of the fort and its surroundings to life, in a spectacular audio-visual presentation that honoured the past and inaugurated a new era for the fort as a tourism and community destination. And I got to write it! You can see a YouTube video of the whole show HERE, and read the script HERE

Titanic Quarter Videos


A small part of one of my favourite projects of all time: writing scripts for the Titanic Museum in Belfast. I’ve been a Titanic freak since I saw A Night to Remember back in the 60s. I even like the James Cameron film. So when I was asked to write content for the museum I was in seventh heaven. One of my favourite bits was a piece about the linen mills of Belfast. The script is HERE.

The Evolution of Man


That's right. We'd like you to describe the totality of human evolution in 20 minutes of commentary for a 360 degree panorama in the Science Exploration Hall, Science City, Kolkata. 

I love a challenge. And with a little expert guidance from the distinguished anthropologist Chris Stringer at the Natural History Museum, and expert direction from production company English and Co, I just about managed to squeeze it all in. There's a YouTube clip HERE that will give a rough idea...

Edited Image 2016-01-19 14-08-42
Heroes of Fire


The story of Kuwait’s battle to extinguish its burning oil fields in the wake of Saddam’s retreat at the end of the First Gulf War. Produced by English and Co, and currently installed in Kuwait City. Read the script HERE...



The Mishkat Interactive Centre for Atomic and Renewable Energy is adiscovery experience in Riyadh inspiring the next generation of energy innovators. Visitors begin with an ultra-widescreen CGI video challenging them to take part in developing the many varieties of energy production available in the Kingdom.Read the script HERE.

Bentley Motors


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bentley Motors on a number of occasions. I’ve written videos, dealer conference presentations, the entire contents (video and graphics) of a combined heritage museum at Crewe, brand introductions, dealer training, and car launches. It's hard to choose examples, but there are a couple of scripts I like HERE. The first is a live theatre script used to set the scene for a launch event at Le Mans, and the second is a short video script used in the heritage museum, that tells the legendary story of Wolff Barnato’s race against Le Train Bleu…

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