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I’ve had that guitar in my hand since I was 12. I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it now.


Live, I play solo, or with the awesome THURSDAY'S BAND - a weird and wonderful string driven thing that can get so exciting I often forget to sing in the right place.

You can listen to Thursday’s Band and download the music from our BANDCAMP page, or stream from our Spotify PLAYLIST.


(Tip: we prefer Bandcamp).


When I'm not doing Thursday's Band, I'm part of SKY WEST - an unpredictable cabal of good-natured men (and one woman) dedicated to giving new life to old music, and mixing it up with unexpected new tunes.

You can read about the music on the ALBUMS page, and order CDs at


I’m also part of the team at ROYSTON FOLK CLUB. I look after the Showcase Sessions. Don't be fooled by that word 'folk', though. Nothing could be further from the truth...

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