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Something Like Breathing

You're looking at the blog page for Consider it in beta form while I test stuff.

I've dropped in and out of blogging for twenty-odd years. Been away for a while (since the social channels intruded) but just lately I've found myself wanting to say a little more. Blogging has always been more attractive to me than Facebook's temporary closed loop or Twitter's transmit-only. Here, there's room to breathe.


Thus far it’s been mostly about my obsession with songs and songwriting, but I might stray into thinking about the state of the world from time to time. We’ll see how it goes: please leave a comment if you can work out how to do it (still beta, like I said)...

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

When you’re learning songs, some come and go like the breeze. You pick them up, figure them out, add them to the list, put them down, forget about them.

But some songs swirl around inside your head like the wind on a gusty day. You pick them up, figure them out, find you got it all wrong, go back and figure them out again. Discover you can’t sing them, then you can; you can’t play them, then you can, then you can’t. One minute the words are just gobbledygook, then you stumble across a meaning that might not be what the songwriter intended but it works for you, makes you able to internalise and sing them.

This is one such song. It’s frustrating and flawed and there’s a least one part I’ll never want to play, but it’s also gloriously gobsmackingly beautiful and I’m obsessed with it. Did I say something about obsession in my last post?

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