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Weave and Spin


Our father’s name was Daniel

Born and bred in Nimes

But he left the southern sunlight

To become a man of means

Cross border in a hay cart

To an attic in Berlin

And the pigeons on the rooftop

Sang let the dance begin


Weave and spin

Believe and prosper

Let us in

Let us wander – wander free

For we give to the world the name of refugee


We knew the ways of woolcraft

And the gold and silver trade

But those they caught at worship

Were sent as galley slaves

So we ran from old King Louis

To pray another day

And the dead of St Bartholemew

Stood guard along the way


Winston Churchill, Judy Garland

Davy Crockett, even Keef

We count them in our number

The ones that took their leave

From Spitalfields to New Rochelle

Helsinki to the Hague

No sacrament or ritual

No pilgrimage or saint


© MarkGSongs 2012

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