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Cheesecake at Rocco's


There’s an Uber on the corner got a fare that never showed

And it’s a long long road from Brooklyn up to Queens

Down in Coney Island Woody Guthrie’s ghost

Is complaining that we don't know what he means

The 59th Street bridge is just a few blocks over

We can ride the MTA from 42nd Street

And I'm standing at a stoplight watching truckers making potholes

Thinking this is all I’ll ever need


We'll walk arm in arm down  the Avenue of the Americas

Watch the old men playing chess, get lost in the Strand

And I will buy you cheesecake at Rocco's

The vagabond will lead  you by the hand

Through the city of song


There are buskers by the fountain got a mountain of stomp boxes

Their instruments have seen better times

A man is blowing bubbles glowing pretty as a picture

It puts me in an empire state of mind

Fox is analyzing why  the Mets have lost a pitcher

For Syndergaard it has to be one base at a time

And Bleecker and MacDougal is the centre of the world

That’s the whole damn human race going by


If you’re ever troubled

If you ever tire

Then take a ride from Track 29

Manhattan’s finest sirens

Will be wailing in the brownstones

Grass will be growing on the West Side Line


© MarkGSongs 2019

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