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Part of You


You may be short

You may be tall

You may be kind and thoughtful

Or drive me up the wall

I haven’t a clue

Just that look in your eyes

But I feel your fingers clutching

And I'm torn



You"ll feel joy

You'll feel pain

There is nothing that I can ever do

To take that away

You have the future

I have the past

But I share with you this precious present


It won't last


When it rains

When it burns

Remember me

I gave you birth

I am the arm that armours you

I am the hand that pulls you through

Always a part of you


See how you stumble

See how you fly

When you’re calling out for comfort

I will reply

All down the years

The rich and the lean

I will be there behind you

Watching and unseen


© MarkGSongs 2023

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