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All the Way to Istanbul

3am: the milk train

Comes rattling down the line

Little Ada's head is spinning

From too much Mosel wine

A toast to Brigitte Bardot

She's so fine

She hangs on the washstand, cool and divine


Robin’s stripping cables

There are grooves cut in his teeth

Liberty is sitting cross legged

Sewing up her jeans

Let's light another doobie

Watch that Zippo flare

Steely Dan are reeling in the years


On and on the road goes

Day by day and chance by chance 

We will buy a Bedford ambulance

And drive to Paris, France

Fit it out with cushions

Take each day as it comes

All the way to Istanbul

Like the dharma bums


Penny on the tonearm

Keeps that needle down

Bearsville record label

The Runt is spinning round

Someone cut the deck now

We’ll hunt the Queen of Spades

Steely Dan are doing it again


The beer is free in Amsterdam

You get all that you can drink

We’ll drive the Champs Elysee, boys

While Joni Mitchell sings

And the bells of Paris ring


© MarkGSongs 2023

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