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The Ocean


Gets out of here alive

Comes a time

When there isn’t any time

Walk in the sunshine

As long as there is light

You’re not an afterthought

Be stupid, be weird, be kind


There are billions of stars up above

Dark matter hides in the sky

Raise a glass to the friends that have gone

We’ll meet them again by and by

So eat the delectable food

Break this bread, sip this wine

Speak the truth that you hold in your heart

And swim in the ocean tonight


Come sit with me

Let me look at your face

I see a story there

Of the whole human race

Everything you’ve done

It’s a database

Everything that was good and bad

Has left it’s trace


Under the cliff 

Where the water is blue

That’s where we’ll dive

The current is cool

Watch the seabirds fly

They’ll be calling to you

Every shell you bring up from the depths

Is a jewel


Forget tomorrow

It isn’t here

And yesterday

Is just smoke on the air

Our table

Boasts no silverware

And every little thing we have

We share


© MarkGSongs 2023

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