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Cowrie Beach


There will come a time again

When I will go with thee

We'll go along the road

And touch the sea

We'll go along the road again

To where the breakers roll

We'll go along the road

To Cowrie Beach


Remember how the morning sun danced across the sand

The barefoot boys running to the beach

Up into the dune where the beach grass cuts your hand

There are sunken forests here no-one can see


The sand between your toes is made of quartz and limpet shell

The mackerel men are coming in to dock

Out along the Doom Bar, white horses jump the swell

They say a man once swam to Newland rock


Everybody’s all at sea, no-one reads the chart

Life is just a fragment in the void

Some will prosper, some will love, some will come apart

But what we were will never be destroyed 



© MarkGSongs 2015

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