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Gatton and Buchanan


It's a cold night in Washington

There's snow on the ground

The bars are all empty

There's no-one around

But shut off your engine

You may hear the hum

Of a Silverface Fender

Getting ready to run


Come hear the Kings of the Telecaster playing tonight

Danny and Roy will be duelling for you

It's a good day in paradise for picking a fight

Danny plays crazy and Roy

Roy plays the blues


There's a farm in Charles County

That's missing its man

And a cell in Virginia

Where a man chose to hang

But what are you supposed to feel?

What are you going to do?

When your energy's fading

And the last deal fell through?


So let's sing for the pickers

Their precarious lives

Remember the music

That ran down your spine

When you hear the harmonic

Or the beer bottle slide

That's the sound of a bar band

With God on its side



© MarkGSongs 2015

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