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Granny Mean

I never know if he's here any more

I think we had words but I can’t find him

He comes and he goes, he closes the door

I want to tell him everything’s unwinding

Everybody’s frightened

Everybody's scared

And when I put my hand up 

I do it to block the fear

If I raise my voice in anger

It isn’t what it seems

I’m living in the dark but don’t you call me

Granny Mean

Ask me your questions, I will tell you no lie

But I won't guarantee the answer

Walk me down the street,

I may be walking there with you

Or you just might find me walking

In the past, sir

Dance with me, my dear

Just you and me

Spin me around

No-one can see

I never know

What kind of  day it will be

Or whether you’ll be walking in the garden

They think I frighten children but it wasn't always so

Once I danced through summer like a young thing

Once I held my hat to stop it falling when I ran

And laughed so much the air made my lungs sing

© MarkGSongs 2018

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