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Kirsty's Bench


Spring here, the sky is blue

Clean sun and cleaner air

I walked for hours circling round

Till I came to Soho Square

And there I sat and looked around

Lost for just a moment

And watched the ping pong woman play

She beats every opponent


For this is where the nations come

The city's littlest lung

And this is where the people speak

A hundred different tongues

Chinese and Italian

Korean, Scots, and French

Gathered at the hunting ground

To sit and watch the world from Kirsty's Bench


Cranes rotating overhead

The girls are working out

I saw a man with a bandaged foot

Spinning round and round

The portly man unpacks a pie

And reads a play by Goethe

A nervous woman makes a call

Explaining how he hurt her


One day I'll be sitting there

That's what Kirsty said

No empty bench in Soho Square

And now I think I know

What she meant


Here's the harpist tuning up

The bin man with his bag and gloves

A lonely girl is writing down

All the things she thinks she loves

And me I'm watching time expire

There's nothing that I lack

King Charles had his face knocked off

And then they put it back


© MarkGSongs 2015

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